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Creating Wealth

Collated by Paul Quek

37 Secrets About Prosperity

Written by Randy Gage


This is the first fundamental secret of prosperity, and one that so many people miss. They approach prosperity as a "give me" thing, and never tune in to the real energy that surrounds it.

Everything in the universe is based on the principle of trading value for value. But it is an unbalanced scale. What you send out comes back to you in multiples. Usually tenfold, so, when you sow seeds of good, much more good will come back to you.

This holds true for the money you tithe, the love you give, and the good you do. As hard as you may try, you can't out give the universe.

So go out and make a random act of kindness, sow a seed to someone in need, and be extra nice to that clerk in the checkout line. Much more prosperity is coming your way!

Final Thoughts . . .

If this book [i.e., just this SECRET #1 -- there are 36 more SECRETS to go!] has blessed you, please multiply the vision of a prosperous world. This book is available in quantity discounts, in order that you may share with your network, associates, family, or study group. Practice the circulation law of prosperity!

-- RG

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Creating Wealth

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